Building Regulations

Building Regulations apply to most building work, whether you are constructing, extending or altering a house or commercial building.

It is important to know when an application under Building Regulations is needed. These two-stage regulations (being pre-build applications and on-site approvals) set out the rules that must be followed to ensure the building work in new and altered buildings is safe and any disruption causing environmental damage is limited.

With all building work, it is the owner of the property (or land) in question who is ultimately responsible for complying with the relevant Planning Rules and Building Regulations not the builder. However, as this can all seem a daunting prospect for any home owner Bishop Ltd provides a Turnkey service to take the pressure off you, or a Project Management service  if you prefer to be more involved with the project.

In some instances, an installer can be authorised to certify their work themselves. However, in most cases building works need to be approved at certain points of the project by an independent third party. The responsibility for making these checks falls to the Building Control Bodies (BCBs) – either from the Local Council or the private sector as an Approved Inspector. They will verify that the required standards have been met and you are able to proceed with your project. It is the owners responsibility to ensure these timely checks and verifications are carried out, we will ensure all checks are completed within our Turnkey service.

Note that in addition to the Building Regulations you may also require Planning Permission for your project.

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