Finding a good quality Builder for Home Extensions and Repairs – Bishop Ltd

When you are looking for builders to help with your Home improvement, it is essential that you feel at ease with them. Some builders, although having many years of experience, may not exactly capture your design needs. Other builders specialise in certain skills that are especially useful to you in achieving your  design concepts. It’s worth speaking to your builder about their previous work to establish if they will be able to complete your desired work with confidence. 

Today more and more people are brave enough to build their homes from scratch but the majority of a builders work is concentrated in home improvements, eg extensions to existing properties, or carrying out internal alterations and general repairs.

It is important to check a builders customer feedback, first-hand information can be very helpful in making your decision to employ the builder. If possible, it is good to check previous work undertaken by your builder on other projects. That way, you have an idea of what kind of work they will provide for you.

Main Tips for finding good builders:-

Referrals – The most trustworthy sources of information about builders will be found by speaking to your friends and family. They will be eager to tell you all the issues they may have had and how well the builder was able to manage them.

References – Always ask for references, and follow up on them. If a homeowner invites you to look at the work which was completed by your builder, take them up on the offer.

Start looking early – Most good quality builders get booked up in advance. They may find it difficult to start work immediately. By planning ahead you can increase your choice of builders – the “only firm available” is not the right way to select your builder.

Obtain Quotes – Ask a number of builders to quote for the job and take care that they are all quoting on the same work. This way you can make a proper comparison on price. It is essential that both you and your builder are very clear about the work requirements.

Membership of Trade Associations – Reputable builders usually belong to trade associations which have a code of practice, and take disciplinary action if the code is broken. Check if your builder belongs to any. 

Get expert help – If you have a large project, or it contains structural elements, make sure that you get suitable guidance, possibly from a structural engineer, to ensure that the proposed work is not going to damage the structure of your existing property. You may also want to ask a Chartered Surveyor to advise on the quotes or contracts.

Ask questions– If unusual payment methods or patterns of payments are suggested, requests for large and unjustified upfront payments, these should be treated with caution. Ask for receipts or pay on invoice. 

Insurance– Check that your builder has the proper insurance to cover the project.

The above useful hints should help you to find a reputable builder for your home improvements. Remember, a highly professional builders will be happy to answer all your questions honestly.

Bishop Ltd is a bespoke construction company and, amongst other types of builds, are very experienced in building extensions. Our main services include Architecture and Construction, Project Feasibility, Cost Analysis and Project Management. We will enhance your property to provide a great additional living space, either attached or detached from your existing property. Clients will receive advise as to when building and planning approvals will be required, of when inspections are due during the build process and on practical matters concerning the space, for example, the overall finish and practical use of extensions, including, Glazing, Lighting, Ceilings, security, etc.