Finding the Right Builder

We understand the importance of finding the right builder not only for your building project but also for YOU.

Having building work done can be a stressful time so you don’t want the added pressure of employing someone who fails to work with you. We therefore advice you to contact at least 2 or 3 building companies before choosing the builder that is right for you and your needs.

Further points you may want to consider when choosing a builder :

Genuine testimonials.

This is always a good place to start remember everyone has different expectations, so look a little deeper where you find a negative comment – are the majority of the comments good and above?? It may also be advisable, where possible, to take time out and visit a site that your potential builder has completed, maybe even speak to the occupier if viable. At Bishop Ltd we feel very strongly about ‘word of mouth’ advertising and aim for our clients to have a good experience with us every time. We also have a number of genuine testimonials on our website and aim to build on these as we receive future feedback.

Protect yourselves from Cowboy Builders!

Sadly, there are a number of building companies out there that are not credible and often leave their clients in misery (we know as we have been called in to correct such situations). A quick and easy way to alleviate this issue would be to call the official trade associations the builder is claiming membership to and check that your potential builder is a bona fide member. The list of affiliations or connections are usually listed on the builder’s website. Note that the Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations 2008 states that it is an offence for a company or individual to falsely claim affiliations or connections, including those to trade associations. Avoid those companies.

Obtain quotations.
We advise you to get at least 2-3 quotations for your project. When obtaining your quote, it is important that you receive it in writing, it should be detailed in what is covered and what is not, and do not forget to check the payment terms.

When obtaining quotes check that the builder has all the necessary insurances. This may include building insurance and public liability. Ask to see proof!

At Bishop Ltd we will give you different options that may have different costings. However, please inform us if you have a set budget in mind as this will help in determining how best to approach your project and ensure you get a quality service at the right price. We will never ask for full payment upfront at the start of a job, however there are some initial costs, for example, materials that we will need to purchase to get your project started so we will take a deposit to cover these outlays.  For larger jobs, we can take milestone payments, terms for these will be mutually agreed before work commences. Note that we are fully insured and we guarantee our work for 12 months and the usual NHBC 10-year term on new builds.

For further information please contact Bishop Ltd on 020 8926 6000 or 073 7885 1000 or via email at [email protected]