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Are you in need of space? Who isn’t? A garage conversion could be your answer!

Garage conversions are an economical way to gain more room from your property, in turn, utilising an area of your home that is often neglected. No matter what you want to use this room for by employing a reputable builder you can make it happen. For these smaller works, it makes sense to employ a good local builder as a local builder will be more inclined to accept a smaller job if it is closer to his home, garage conversions would be classed as smaller jobs for a good building company. Logistically, there will be less likelihood of late arrivals to hold up your work and less time spent by your builder fighting traffic jams! The builder may also reduce his price if he does not have to account for lengthy travel and fuel costs. Should any issues arise after the work is completed, it would be easier for a local builder to pop in and fix the problem rather than you having to wait until the long distant builder is able to come your way again. Generally, you will be able to find experienced builders in your area if you talk to friends and family, or by a quick search on the internet. However, make sure you do your homework before employing them.

A basic garage conversion should only take a matter of weeks to complete. In most instances, existing garages usually have lighting and, depending on what you are using the new space for, you could also have heating installed in readiness to use as an extra room within (or adjacent to) your home. In addition, you should not experience much inconvenience while the work is in progress as it will be away from the main house. However, and very importantly, you should always contact your local council offices to check if your intended building work is subject to planning permission before starting any works. If your conversion is subject to planning then consider laying foundations to accommodate a second storey at a later date (again subject to planning permission!) Don’t forget to also budget for the demolition and removal of any existing garage/building!

Garage conversions are perfect for many homeowners looking for that gym / play room / extension to your existing lounge etc. Why not contact your local builder and ask them for advice on how best you can utilise the space? Local builders will have completed many jobs like yours and are a valuable source of knowledge, both for the design and build and also with planning requirement questions. Just make sure you have chosen the right builder for you, and tap in! You may be amazed at all the options you come up with once you get your thinking cap on. Wouldn’t it be

great to wake up in the morning and walk less than 20 feet to the office, with all your paperwork stored outside of your home but still to hand? What more could you ask for?

A further great advantage of garage conversions is that they add value to your home. It’s a “win win” situation! It’s time to stop using that valuable space as a very large junk cupboard and put it to good use, whilst also increasing the value of your property. You will love the return on your investment come sale time!

If you have a garage collecting cobwebs and are crying out for more space it’s a no brainer…Convert that garage!!

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