New Builds

Bishop Ltd has extensive experience in building either a single new home, multiple new houses, and apartment blocks. We pride ourselves on our high standard of workmanship and also for meeting the set time frames and budgets from our client's.

Clients have often preferred to use our Turnkey  service when it comes to new builds, preferring to take a back seat and leaving all the practical and technical building issues for us to deal with. However, we are just as comfortable to provide our Project Management service where a client wishes to be more involved with the build.

If you are unsure of how to proceed with the design of your new property we also offer a Design Consultation service to help. In some instances, a client may wish to develop on virgin land, or re-develop a site, or build on brownfield ground, here we can advise on what steps you will need to take in order to meet the required legal requirements and have them in place before we can commence with the build.

We also have many professional contacts within the industry so, for the majority, we are able to provide you with details of someone, or with the Turnkey service personally liaise with someone on your behalf, to resolve most issues. We are able to provide contact details of our certified architect (where the client requires) but will fully converse with an architect of the clients' choice. Any architectural issues will be reported back to the client for resolution, although we will advise on what we think would be the best way forward for the project and, if possible, how to keep within budget.

Groundworks and Sub-Structures

We also undertake all works associated with ground preparation for a build. In particular, we are very experienced in carrying out all works associated with piling.

The foundation is the most important part of any new build. It is therefore paramount that no mistakes are made at this early stage, or you may end up with a beautiful new building that starts to sink! If the footprint of the new build is marked out incorrectly, for example, you may forget to include that disabled access shown on your plans or you have the wrong falls for the drainage pipes making it impossible to connect to the main sewers, it can lead to numerous serious problems later. To prevent these types of issues, and ensure the new building and pipework will be located precisely as instructed by the plans provided, we will work alongside the building engineer to mark out the site and check that all the levels off the new foundation are correct.