New Build – 20 Residential Flats – Wanstead

Brickwork, Blockwork and Diamond Drilling package.

This was a 3 facet build as involved the structure of the main block, housing 20 apartments, and a further 2 additional outbuildings for the bike shed and plant room.

The works started from the ground up, with the setting out of the gridlines in readiness for the brick and block work required. We also installed all the required insulation and fire barriers as the building went up, finishing the brick façade in good time for the roofing team to complete their works.

In addition to the brick and block work, we also undertook the diamond drilling package. We drilled strategic holes to allow for utilities to be passed through the building to service the individual apartments. This project as a whole was slightly challenging due to the extensive drawing changes along the way, which led to a change of direction mid project. Regardless, with great teamwork between ourselves and the client, we managed to get back on track and the project progressed well.